Holiday’s are just another day anymore

Days that happen to drive me insane

in the days leading up to a holiday

things change for me and its only when

I begin snapping at my husband

that we sit down and talk

he says “I cant believe this is still so hard for you, but I get it.

and then we realize

“oh, Easter is coming”

Which this year also lands on my Grandpa’s birthday

AND April Fool’s Day

too bad none of this is a joke.


Have fun today

spending time with each other

and if i come up in conversation

please just bite your tongues.

You are all the reasons, that I am not there

and that I don’t bring my family around.


Today would be a “rose colored glasses-fake out” day anyways

i mean, for everyone except me.

the truth for me was always unavoidable.

slapping me in the face

surrounded by them


So it is nice to be here

at home

I can stay in comfy clothes all day and cook

and spend it with my kids

who i don’t only love just for show

and they don’t deserve anything less


because today is a holiday

it is Easter

It is just another day.







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