in short. don’t give up. you can’t.

What do you do

When you feel like you don’t belong

Like a lost dog.

And feel so trapped at the same time.

Like trying to climb out from a hole that has no bottom,

that you can’t seem to get out of.

Clawing at the dirt…

All while it keeps caving in on you….



This life is forcing me to use strength

That I never knew I had

There is no “call home”

Whenever things get bad.

There is no savior.


Just me.


Fighting this battle.


After what I thought I knew

Turned out to be untrue.



My bed is made.

But I will not just lay in it.

I will not accept this.

And do nothing.


Because if I fail

We all fail.


Today is not forever.

This is only temporary.

We will not always be in this place.

I hope.


I don’t pray because that shits too hard to believe in

But I will have hope

Things will not always be this way

We can’t live like this forever.








How did I get here?


I don’t care, I’m still fighting back.





Its time to take my vitamins and focus on breathing.





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