Go get it. Let it be. Stay centered, regardless!

“Constantly torn between “If it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go and get it.”

!!!WOW!!!! FEELS!!!! am I right?

But I think I have figured it out in a few ways.

Number 1- Awareness.

Complete and total awareness. Be totally aware of what your effort and energy is going into and in what way it is manifesting. This is a hard thing to learn because acceptance has to follow after and sometimes we do not want to accept the truth.

So my thing is, I will put it out there to the universe whether or not it rejects me, because trying and failing is better than never trying at all, right? Life is all about trial and error. Life lessons.

So you like a guy, it is totally fine to the plant the seed, let the guy know that you exist. But then be sure to not be the only one to water the seed. Do not ever put effort into something where it is not reciprocated in some way shape or form. DO NOT water that seed out of desperation. This has been a real life lesson for me. And now, as soon as I feel like something does not suit me or I am putting in the work and getting zero back, it’s time to move on and get excited for the unknown.


Number 2- Acceptance.

Accept that some things that you WANT may not be what you NEED, and so they will not be in your life with ease or at all. You should never have to fight to keep someone in your life, they should just want to be there and if they don’t- then you don’t need them. Always try to find some comfort in rejection, regardless of what it is that is not meant for you in life. It is better than being strung along and having false hope just to end up hurt. And then you can’t get that time back.

It is a wonderful and truly satisfying thing to know that you don’t need to waste anymore of your time, because your time is precious and should not be wasted on things that aren’t enhancing you and your life.

There are greater opportunities ahead that deserve and appreciate your effort and time.
There is so much more meant for you! Do not fight for the stuff that you need to close the book on.

When things and people show you the reality, believe it. Accept it and move forward. Maybe it will find you again someday but only when the universe is ready to give it to you, and when you are ready to receive it. DO NOT STOP YOUR LIFE AND WAIT FOR IT!

Rejection is not the end of the world. Just say “thanks for not keeping me distracted any longer for what life truly has in store for me” and move on.

Honesty truly saves everyone’s time, no matter how much it hurts, lost time hurts worse!


Number 3- Self-Love

It all starts here whether you are 12, 30, 52, 80…. You have to love yourself. Do not look for anyone or anything to complete you, that gives another person/thing way too much power over your life. Be complete on your own and then be open to the things and people who will enhance you. (I honestly was told this by my cheerleading coach Heather years ago and I love it to this day!) It is much easier to find things that enhance you when you are already complete and loving yourself. You are less likely to settle for garbage. If you go looking for completion in other people or things or substances, you will never actually be complete, and when those things or people bail on you, it will most likely destroy you.

I feel like I want to go much deeper into this and maybe I will later but for now my son is dragging me outside to play and cut grass!<3<3


Have an awesome and beautiful day!




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