The Human Experience– Unfortunately.

The human experience– There’s levels to this shit.

Happy. Sad. Amazing. Awful. Struggle. Ups. Downs.

We have to experience the bad in order to appreciate the good and recognize the new.

But it sucks when it’s bad, right?

Especially when you are prone and comfortable avoiding all of it.

Well this time, avoiding it, is not an option!

The only way to grow is to confront it.


I personally am so over it but I do know that it is so necessary and healing does not happen over night.

To sit in this and feel it for everything that it is.

To let it hold you and to find comfort within it, without question.

To let it enrich your soul. Be grateful to feel these emotions and be able to embrace them. It just proves that you are still alive on the inside. I spent the last 5.5 years with somebody who was emotionally  bankrupt, a truly scary and sad thing.

But to heal.

You should heal. We should heal.

We owe it to ourselves to confront painful emotions and truths about lives. We also owe it to ourselves to remain hopeful about what life has in store for us and how much better things are going to get.

Having gone through EMDR/Trauma Therapy in 2013, in regards to the abuse and rejection from my own parents, I am getting through this better than a lot people have expected. I am having my bad days but they are less and less anymore.

Truth this, I was able to prepare myself for this. Not everybody is able to do that.

Most of the time, we get blindsided by hurt and rejection.

And I know that rejection hurts, but baby you need to sit in it. You need to heal. You need to be open to the guidance of the universe. You need to continue loving yourself first. You need to embrace those feelings and let them empower you and fuel your happiness, I promise you, amazing things are going to happen.

I have to stay hopeful, always.

I feel like this is all a part of why I have been dealt shit hands for 30 years. It has prepared me hopefully for something amazing that will come from the story of my life.

The most important thing that I have learned through heartbreak is to heal. I began my healing over 6 months ago while he was still here, by simply putting myself first. I told myself I was going to be happy and I was going to work towards success with or without him. And here I am now physically without him and some days I feel like a lost rabid dog but some days I get it and in the end every single day, we all survive. And things are only going to get better.

I know this to be true.

Things ALWAYS get better.

And things get better quicker and more smoothly if you work on being positive and don’t let this bad moment in your life destroy you. You have the power of your reaction. Do not ever let anything own you if it is not made for you and not enhancing your soul.

Every storm runs, runs out of rain
Just like every dark night turns into day
Every heartache will fade away
Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain

*You can thank my bff for my country music inspirational haha*






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