Toxic Tuesday 6/26/2018

It is Toxic Tuesday across the board and I thought I might video today but I just don’t feel up to it so with that being said here we are.

  • 2 things—
  • 1- Don’t let toxic people or their words, or a persons’ toxic words, rent any amount of space in your head or any of your time beyond the process of healing.
  • 2- Don’t let your own toxic thoughts and ideas rent any space in your head or own any of your time unless you are actively working through them.


Overthinking results because of number 1 and leads to number 2 and then reverts back to increased overthinking and over-analyzing and thus a vicious cycle of overthinking and paranoia/anxiety ensues. So just stop. I know, it is not easy, I practice this daily, but a good thing to note is that overthinking occurs at different rates, I have noticed. For instance, if you keep somebody in your life who increases your overthinking then that person is likely toxic and you shouldn’t feel bad for removing them from your life and protecting your psyche and your energy. When you surround yourself around the right people they won’t cause your already overthinking to intensify to an uncomfortable and alarming rate. Keep those people close, always. They are necessary for your soul and unfortunately too far and few between.

Energy and vibes and listening to your gut over your anxiety are some very real things and it is so very important to be in tune with each and work towards learning the difference and feeling the difference. Distinguishing between your gut feelings and anxiety while you are surviving an already insane anxiety disorder, is crucial.

How do we work towards achieving this??–

1- Question everything and be open to universal guidance.

2- BE willing to openly accepting answers you may not want to hear while keeping emotions separate. You owe it to yourself to make well informed decisions regardless of anything and everything including emotions, wouldn’t you agree?

3- Making sound and moral decisions daily, thinking about your decisions and their repercussions and if you are making decisions recklessly, how are you dealing with the repercussions— I say life lessons— always. but regardless we are always learning, always making mistakes, and if we are truly on the search for enlightenment, then we will continue learning from our mistakes and growing.




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