Day 1

Happy 2020. That’s wild! I am excited! New year new me? Not quite… New year– improving me! YES! Because if you aren’t improving yourself daily and growing daily then why the hell are you alive because you certainly aren’t living!

I have been inspired to change my thinking and work on my shortcomings and I strive to do so daily! Kristina Kuzmic has inspired me to keep up with that work by implementing an exercise that I want to share with all of you! Just in time for Day 1!

So basically, the idea is, before bed write down on paper or in your notepad on your phone, 1 thing good that happened to you that day. *Not a gratitude list* not something you are grateful for. Something good that happened to you that day. The reasoning here is great, we have some tough moments during our days that may not last all that long but we feel like it defines our entire day. (Remember, every day is not a good day but there is good in every day).

Before bed we may dwell on that bad thing and let it consume us and its no good to sleep like that or wake up with it. This exercise forces your brain to find some happiness at the end of the day which helps to re-wire your brain away from pessimistic negativity and self loathing. Kristina talks about how she had a horrible day, miscarried her second twin after losing the first a week prior, having to get to a D&C and then come home and break the news to her older children, that the other baby was gone. She laid in bed that night pissed because she felt nothing about her day was good at all, and fuck this stupid exercise because its pointless, but then she pushed herself to do the exercise because she had mad a promise that she would. And so she thought about what good happened to her that day and it was the tiny detail of her husband lovingly tucking her into bed and making her feel loved. So out of all the bad that happened that day, she felt love and that was a good and necessary thing for her that day. Had she just gone to bed mad, she never would have thought about the loving act of her husband and how that truly made her feel. This story is empowering to me and I am so excited to begin logging my 366 good things!

YEP 2020 is a leap year! Just in case anybody is still not in on that yet!

NEXT order of business– This blog is beginning to take off and I want to keep on going and not lose focus because writing is helping a lot! I have asked my followers to help me compile a list of 52 topics that they would like me to write about for each week of 2020, which I will post on Friday’s! It can be anything! Feel free to comment your ideas or email me at with “52 topics” in the subject bar!

I will also be checking out my inventory for DanteSkyy Collaborative and working on my plan for which products I will be re-stocking! January is always a time to get busy, the clock in a way does re-set, especially when you are an entrepreneur!

Don’t forget to start your Day 1 entry tonight! =)

Without going into details- my first entry for this exercise is:

-Started the New Year off with a new fun experience with close friends!




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