Necessity of Friends

Last night my best friend and I went out for a girls night, which we have not done in almost a year! It was so necessary! We drank and talked and danced and laughed and ate! It was such an amazing night and truly a reminder of how important friendships are!

I was once told- as women, our girl friends are our soul mates, not so much our significant others. It is easy to lose ourselves in the people we date, especially being adults and having jobs and children etc. and being so busy all of the time that it becomes easy to lose track of spending time with our best friends. Which is exactly why we need to make a point at least once a month to go out with our friends and let loose! All the support and non-judgmental love in the world can be found in your friends! Obviously this does not count if the friends are toxic and those friends are not actually friends and should ultimately be cut off and avoided.

This is one thing I am enjoying especially right now, is building friendships with those around me and putting effort into already existing friendships and re-connecting. That is when it is fun, finding your tribe, being free to live and laugh and have fun! I have been doing more laughing lately, and it is a great feeling!

In this life, we are all here doing the same thing…. getting through the days until we die. Why not make the best of them? You should surround yourself with people who give you what you give to them, not people who do not. Surround yourself with people who raise you up, not bring you down. Surround yourself with people who are optimistic and positive versus pessimistic and negative.

So this new year, make plans with your friends monthly at least! Get together and laugh and shake off the serious for a moment and maybe shake your ass while you’re at it also!





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