Yikes… hey!

I know, I fall off from writing like nobody’s business. Truth is, I still have some big fun plans but the semester smacked me right in the face as my hardest semester yet! Now that things are all ‘covidy’, and slightly slowed down, I wanted to stop by here and say hello and I am still hanging in there. Life stays interesting that’s for sure!

I just wanted to say stay home and relax and use this moment to reconnect with yourself. This is something that I definitely need to work on. Something in me was like “stop scrolling and go write something non-academic” so here I am.

I have some current struggles, not anything that I am going to put out there but I will say that, I’m tired. I feel like life has a sick sense of humor and I can’t get a break from the insanity of it. I know more than ever I need to redirect my focus solely to me and what I can control but FUCK that is hard. I appreciate how numb I am from abuse and trauma, I think its the only way that I am surviving in many ways currently.

School will be wrapping up in the next few weeks (HALLELUJAH!!!!) And I will spend summer solely with my kids, probably in quarantine, so that means more time to write so more blogs for your eyes to read! I wish I wasn’t so maxed out that it becomes impossible to keep up with this but, it is what it is.

Until we meet again!

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