Lonliness and poetry

Lonliness here we are again
Think I would have learned

To nieve and to caring
To trust again
And yet I just cant help myself

Beginning to see clearly
Things will never change
Theres no reason to try
Not if its only on one side

This is not what I expected
But also exactly what I expected
My heart wasnt even healed from before
The pieces again just easily tore

Pushed aside
No team in mind
So quickly the script changes
Our whole life, we’ll just rearrange it
Fake it

How can I even be mad
I should have known this would be
The outcome
But still, im sad

Its hard to exist
And to know what I know
And to feel what I feel
And to be made a fool

I cant save you
But I can save me
In the end
I know I at least have me

Decided to trust again
Its not your fault you lied
When emotions run high
We lose things with no sense in mind

No sense in mind until the shock wears off
Reality sets in
On the bathroom floor
….Lonliness, my dear old friend


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