mood translated to words (I’m good)

fills my eyes
and runs down my cheeks
and pools beneath me
in a bottomless void

wraps its arms around me
cold and empty
my old friend

broken pieces
is what I feel like I have become
mangled and shattered

is how I feel
for believing you
….how dumb

please do not come back
when you find out again
that you were wrong
and that now you still love me… again

from strangers to lovers
to strangers to lovers
and back to strangers once more
it is time for you to stop coming to my door

fills my insides
from the pit of my stomach
to the core of my being
a weight that does not subside

sets in
and holds me close
we drown in the bottomless void

rages on inside
burning all of my broken pieces
fueling a fire
to keep my hopes and dreams alive
you will not take them

Here we are again
for the last and final time
and now its the end
once more


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