Toilet Paper & Meat Shortages Oh My…

So I haven’t written about this in a full on way, aside from school work pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic and I just wanted to rap about a few things.

1. The media.

Ok, I get it, absolutely! The media cant be trusted and does have a longstanding history of being scripted and being used as a tool of control and programming. With that being said, the media did not make up the coronavirus or surrounding issues. Sure, the media hypes things up, but that’s when it is important to have critical thinking skills…

-Yes, toilet paper had a brief shortage, the media was correct, there was a shortage…. this is because people were panic buying. This is not because toilet paper factories were shutting down and this was never even the case in all the verbiage at any point in time.
Therefore, people panic buying = brief toilet paper shortages.

-Yes, a meat shortage is currently happening. The media is not making this up, meat shortages are beginning to happen because meat plants ARE shutting down because so many are getting COVID-19 and aren’t able to go to work, like hundreds to thousands per plant. This is happening! Maybe the media adds panic and fear but you should still be able to look at it objectively and look at the facts.
Therefore, meat plants shutting down = a meat shortage.

You don’t need to be stable genius 45 to figure this out…….

I guess if you don’t understand, being ignorant is your prerogative but I promise its not worth it.

 1.1 This is happening all over the world

The media is not making up COVID-19 along with the elite in order to disrupt politics.
The fact that our government goes unchecked and was highly ill prepared for a pandemic is the reason even more shady shit is happening, as it usually does during times of crisis. Check the bills made during 9/11, you’ll find a ton of shit that isn’t relevant to helping the American people, that actually ended up hurting the American people in the long run.

If this virus was made in a Chinese lab, OK…. but that doesn’t help our situation here and now. People are dying, we are opening back up, this shit is insane. Our president said during a conference that it’s time to open up, regardless of increased deaths…. GTFOH!!!

2. Emotions running wild

I have seen a lot of small business owners who are incredibly upset and they have every right to be. But they are upset for the wrong reasons. They wonder why their little clothing consignment shop (just to randomly pick) can’t open, but Wal-Mart can… I guess my advice is, go be a millionaire or billionaire and the system will favor you more and maybe also sell food, that may move you up in the “essential items” category. Capitalism is why your small business cannot be open but Wal-Mart and Lowe’s can be. You wanted a businessman to run the country, well you picked a really rich one who doesn’t give a shit about your little business. You aren’t Jeff Bezo’s! You aren’t even close!

If you are upset, please consider voting for senators and presidents who want to take care of the people and not just the elite.

3. This is capitalism failing, not socialism

I know, for a second, we thought stimulus checks looked like socialism, but truth is, that was a sad excuse for help in this country. It was a slap in the face to many. Other countries are giving their people a lot more money, every single month, during this pandemic. But here, we get $1200 for 10 weeks and a good luck. We get an increase in unemployment and then are demanded back to work in unsafe conditions, because they don’t really wanna pay you (your money). We get “essential workers” hero status type figures, but they don’t get hazard pay or extra benefits, they got costly jet shows instead of extra money in the bank. They are martyrs, they are hostages. We get people losing healthcare because of losing their jobs and no sign of Medicare-For-All during a pandemic. We get a president saying its time to open the country for the sake of the economy, not at all because its safe.


Stop defending a political party over the other. They are both fucking the American people at this point! Stop hating on scientists who have been studying infectious diseases for a career, as well as climate change (look how quick the planet clears up during lockdown), as well as dangers of fracking, etc etc. Stop allowing yourself to be propagated and controlled by so many lies. Stop letting people’s gender (social construct aka totally made up) piss you off, its their business and doesn’t involve you at all and any person can be highly educated regardless of their gender. No, this is not a government conspiracy to take away our rights HOWEVER, the type of government that we have WOULD use a crisis to take away our rights and benefit themselves (they do it every single time). Doctors and nurses are not crisis actors and maybe some hospitals are doing shady shit in billing by over listing COVID-19 as cause of death when it isn’t, BUT THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT REASON WHY WE NEED MEDICARE FOR ALL AND TO END CAPITALISM! And yes, all of this blood is on Trump’s hands, just as every other crisis falls on the lap of any sitting president, no matter how much he wants to deflect blame, he will never be able to escape it. The world is watching!


This virus is not “just like the flu” at all. We know basically nothing about this virus compared to the flu. And now, this virus has claimed more lives than the flu does in an average season so that lie doesn’t really work anymore.  We are wearing masks as to protect others. If you don’t get that then keep your reckless, negligent ass inside. You can be asymptotic and spread it by water droplets that come out of your face while talking. WEAR A FUCKING MASK! And I really don’t think I need to go too far into hand washing because honestly, of all the things I thought we were doing ok at, I thought hand washing was one of them but apparently, its not.


People are so pissed at my states leaders, thinking it’s some giant scam. WOW. You are not the governor, you could not do his job. Governors all over the country are doing a
better job than our federal government and it shows! And if you really think that your freedoms have been taken away and that its some kind of civil rights issues, holy shit Karen, you’ll get your hair dyed eventually, chill the fuck out! Its amazing how so many look at this as control over their personal selves but are super PRO controlling women’s bodies. I know these morons are not the majority, they are actually a very small amount of people and the media does a good job of over hyping this but reality is, majority of people from both parties now are worried about COVID-19 and an large majority are in favor of letting the economy go until the disease is under control. So many will say that a percentage of human lives is a small loss for the economy to stay booming… but a) WTF happened to pro life and all lives matter views ya’ll had and b) the economy wasn’t eever “booming” if we were all only a paycheck or two away from poverty.

And ps– you are not cool with your huge assault rifles, swastikas, and confederate flags, protesting a stay at home order during a worldwide pandemic…. YOU ARE JUST FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

I could go on and on and on, but I think I hit the main points. At the end of the day, even if the numbers are skewed, we still have the most confirmed cases and confirmed deaths in the world.

Have a good day, stay safe out there!


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