“All Lives Matter…”

…..is the most bogus statement I have ever heard. And even since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement, which I have been a loud and staunch supporter of, anytime I heard somebody respond with “…all lives matter!” I was left puzzled and highly irritated. You’re saying All Lives Matter in response to people saying their lives matter….. but you’re doing it in a way that negates Black Lives Matter….. If you really believed All Lives Matter, you’d be an ally!!!!!!!

I have been quiet on here about this, and I guess its because I have been thinking of the words to say to cover all my bases on such a large and important topic.

I really just wrap this up with a bow by saying its the equivalent to white people being upset that they cant use the “N” word…. “well black people can *insert the most privileged fucking tears* say the N word, why can’t I??????? Too many white people think they are experiencing oppression when others just want equality…… its equality, not fucking pie!!! There is plenty to go around!

Two things: If you believe that All Lives Matter then why are you having such a hard time supporting Black Lives….. didn’t you just say “ALL”? You don’t want equality, you just want them to shut up. Please go grab a dictionary and look up the word “ALL” its near the front….. If you get to “ASSHOLE” you’ve gone to far, but also read that definition as well!

and second- responding back with All Lives Matter to a movement that is trying to stand up for innocent African Americans being murdered, it doesn’t actually help and it does not offer understanding or solidarity. It does nothing. It is hypocritical. It is an abusive clap back (with zero sincerity) that is meant to shut down and stifle the Black Lives Matter movement as well as black lives, while offering zero help. If you are claiming that ALL lives matter, while ignoring some lives…. you actually just don’t care about black lives. And this is partly ingrained in a lot of people because of history…. (which is still not a fucking excuse!)

So, you’re trying to tell me, that a country (America) that was acquired/stolen by slaughtering millions of Native Americans, founded during a time of slavery and white supremacy, built on the backs of black slaves who were viewed as no more than 3/5 human…. you’re telling me there isn’t institutional racism or racism period? How can you honestly believe that? Do you know the words to the Star Spangled Banner? Do you know why we don’t sing a portion of it? Do you know it glorifies the ownership of slaves?Many of you need a history book because WOW.
And the confederacy? Oh… it’s not racist? You know the civil war was fought because the south wanted to keep states rights (the right to own slaves), right? did you know that? So knowing all of this should help you to see how much racism is part of the foundation of our country.  And ps, American won against the confederacy, get on the right side of history!

So…. some fallacies to cover… 

….”But, more white people are killed by cops every year than black people….. look, I have statistics!” — Insert fun single graph (on left) showing numbers of whites killed (370) vs blacks killed (235) for 2019. SO CUTE. But god bless your delusional half-assed heart AND mind, because there’s a piece you are missing so I enjoy showing ALL of the information…(on right)….
img_20200530_1748217946334997400868852.jpgSo sure, there are more white people killed by police in 2019 than black BUT if you look at how much of the population is white (76.5%) and how much is black (13.4%), then you are actually proving that it is heinous what is happening to African Americans.

At the end of this, I still had a person say “well, 370 is definitely higher than 235, so I guess I am not seeing how I am wrong….” this just goes to show that A) basic math skills, just using your fucking eyeballs, not even having to really calculate anything, ISNT A STRONG POINT… and also B) it’s not my job to teach this person and some people will always remain unteachable and that is not my problem.

“Well… but they are killing each other….” Well, but if the system was built the way I mentioned above (re-read if needed… soak that shit up) and the government and society maintained oppressing these communities for decades, how did they ever have a chance? Black Wall Street was burned down (look it up) because White America could not stand to see black people having any kind of success and power. Why do you think Amerikkka enslaved them and fought to keep them as slaves????? It’s not rocket science, its American history!102389571_2633629383633142_8256018270763614208_n2486863253765774750.jpg

“Well….. I don’t see any white privilege in my bank account..” Many white people think that white privilege means that you are wealthy or have had an easy life….. White privilege doesn’t mean any of that. What it means is, your skin color has never been the reason why you have had various difficulties in life. Having a darker skin color opens up the doors of hell before a person of color can even open their mouth.

Like, if you are white, we don’t know you’re a piece of shit until you do something really fucking shitty, like raping an unconscious girl behind a dumpster…. or shooting up a fucking school or move theater or concert… but when you are a person of color, there is an automatic assumption that you are a “thug” or a “bad person”, without that person having to do anything, except just exist with darker skin pigmentation.

Our society is filled with these stereotypes and assumptions about minority groups as a whole and I think its interesting that white people never get looked at that way by the collective. When you’re black “they’re all bad” but when you’re a white (fill in the blank)….. somehow excuses get made like “not all (____) are bad!” Hypocrisy runs so deep in this nation and it always has! “Not all ____ are bad..” is another equivalent to “All Lives Matter” it’s a total deflective statement that solves nothing. Last I checked, a few bad apples is enough to rot the whole bunch and we shouldn’t be making excuses for bad cops abusing their power!

“Not all cops are bad…” Sure I can agree to a small extent, I have family members who are police officers. But it doesn’t cause me to throw away my morals and become a Candice Owens/Stacey Dash thin-blue line style colorblind racist moron. Cops are supposed to serve and protect and they stopped doing that a long time ago. And now, responding to protests against police brutality with MORE police brutality…. damn. And we are all getting a front row view to it and thank god for cameras because now we are finally getting justice!

This stood out to be BIG TIME pertaining to this….
screenshot_20200602-233918_samsung internet4249036232812376208..jpg

And not all cops are bad…… two cops shove a 75 year old man down while the others walk past him….. some cops shoot rubber bullets at homeless people in wheelchairs…. some shoot tear gas into a car with a pregnant woman inside, some kick you right in the fucking face for being within your constitutional right of protesting…… but not all cops are bad. some shoot up your house while you’re sleeping and kill you and then try to frame your boyfriend for it. Sounds more like a gang! So honestly, we need to change it to “not all cops are good” because we are seeing the majority of cops, and the actions are speaking loud as fuck. Most cops are fucking rotten! The FBI did an investigation (you can look it up) and found that our police departments have been being infiltrated by white supremacists, which duh…. (re-read above about history if need be) We know this is happening, we are seeing it and have been seeing it! Blue Lives Matter…. stop… Blue is an occupation and smurfs are not real. We should prioritize human lives over occupations and corporations BUT we don’t…. we treat some occupations, corporations, even zygotes as real life humans before we consider treating black people that way…… don’t get me started on the inequality amongst the sexes…. that’s for another day!

BLM protests and riots….. it has already been proven that outside people (anarchists and white supremacists… not antifa) are coming in and causing riots, trying to disturb the BLM movement….. if that doesn’t speak volumes to you, about how much all lives don’t matter, then you aren’t paying attention. And at any rate, I’ll support most riots because they are the reason we have various rights today, like free speech, weekends, 8 hour work days, etc.! I won’t support riots like this though, trying to hijack a movement and pervert it for your own gain. Lets face it, you only want peaceful protests SO THAT YOU CAN IGNORE IT!
And if you are listening to the words of the orange Cheeto colored motherfucker in office, telling you that we should be pro-facism….. you are in the wrong country!!! we should be Antifa (anti-facism)! there is no room for facism in America, and unfortunately we are headed there fast…..

Why do I speak up??? One time I said “god, I hate white people” and my friend (who is definitely Italian) asked me “… but aren’t you white??” And honestly I have never considered myself “white”. White is a piece of paper and I only know one person truly that white! As an olive-skin toned Sicilian Italian with kinky curly dark hair and a fat ass… I have spent my whole life being asked “what are you?” “is your dad black?” “what are you mixed with?” “why is your hair like that, you must be half and half!” “That’s your step dad right, because your real dad must me black…” etc etc etc……  my daughter has the same skin tone and asked me if she was white and I asked her what she thought and she said “we don’t look white….. our skin is definitely not white”… she even understands.
At our family reunion years ago, I met African American women who are my blood relatives and they looked at my big ass and said “I’m sure now that makes sense!” and it was a beautiful and very funny moment! And finally, all of the confusion about “what am I” disappeared. I know what I am now! I am me, and I stand up for anybody who is being oppressed!

I speak up because I know if I have dealt with just mild racism, I can’t even imagine how African Americans feel experiencing it to the point of being killed because of it. I had class with a super upset grown man toddler one time who was a skin head and very white and he was so sad about how “I feel so attacked!!!!! and I’m mixed race!” He was mixed with many ethnicities that were predominantly of lighter skin tone, like German, Russian, Viking, I don’t give a shit……  THIS IS NOT THE SAME! And probably super dumb to express in a Race and Ethnicity college classroom.

Race is a social construct solely based on skin tone, please learn this! We should not be colorblind, it is important to see each others colors so that we can learn about each other. If we don’t see color, we aren’t going to be able to fix any problems. And the ones in charge have been banking on racism dividing us SINCE THE BEGINNING!!!!

Finally….. COVID-19 vs BLM protests……. all the white people protesting with assault rifles because they wanted haircuts were quick to call the stay at home orders “oppression” and how it was a “dictatorship” and we should take to the streets and not let the government take away our freedoms over a conspiracy hoax pandemic……… and then when the BLM protests began, it was the white people exclaiming that its not so hard to stay home and follow orders…….. Well apparently Karen, it was pretty fuckin hard when you needed a damn haircut.

Jesus Christ. you mad??? I don’t care… I would rather offend my white friends than bury my black friends! and I don’t want or need racist friends!

Educate yourself, become an ally because people are fucking dying! And remaining neutral only supports the side of the oppressor!!!



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