You evoke from within me, poetry….

I wonder if it is true….
That if you cannot get somebody off of your mind,
maybe it is because
that is where they belong..

I want to know You.
From the tip of your brain to the soles of your feet
and through the infinite of your soul,
and everything in between.

I want to learn You.
I want to grow with you
as we teach one another,
and level up;

I want to feel You.
The profundity of your words,
the power of your art,
the depth of your pain,
your soul next to mine;

I want to dive into the pools that are your eyes
and find the stars that make up the galaxies
that my mind often wanders to,
whenever I think of You.

I want to swim in your glass like waters,
the calmness stills my mind.
I crave You completely unadulterated,
and undiluted;

I crave the new and the light,
the fresh and the leisure,
the fun and the free,
the coffee and the lake,
with You.

Where ever You are.

I hope that You find me.

….and as for you
I haven’t forgotten about you…
as my brain will not let me…..
not just yet,
not until I say a few last words..

If you should ever read this,
I’d just like for you to know….
I have few last words
that I can’t bring myself to text
because Pandora’s box
need not be opened,
ever again.

you are so broken from your past
that with all of the love I showered upon you…
you, in return, bathed me in your pain…

I am not sure if you loved me
or if you were in love with the love I gave you,
and the way that I cared for you;
the convenience of it all.
I wanted to give you a love and a life
that you did not want
unless it was convenient.

I begged and fought
for us,
until I could not bring myself
to beg or fight anymore;
the ended war….

This is moving forward.
This is moving away from the toxic,
and being open to anything that is meant for me
in this life,
that isn’t you.
I have accepted and embraced this.

I asked you to be sure that this was what you wanted
and now that you have exactly that,
you text me and seem not so sure anymore…………………….

But I am sure,
that I am done….
I am sure.


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