Today I straightened my hair…

This isn’t anything too new, except today I didn’t want to. I was perfectly fine with my messy bun afro puff on top of my head but I felt like crap.. so I decided to spend the 10 minutes straightening my hair. That’s all it took was 10 minutes. That 10 minutes changed my whole mind set and reframed my day. I’m still wearing a hoodie and leggings so I am in now way dressed up but taking that extra 10 minutes changed everything. Now all of a sudden I feel sexy in a hoodie!

That’s all it took for me to reframe my day was 10 minutes and a little beauty tweek. No make up, no fancy outfit just to run errands, but doing something with my hair changed it all.

This is the kind of self-love I’ve been screaming about. Something so simple can change everything. What are you doing today to reframe your day?

I think that sometimes all it takes is a small change to feel that self-love. It helps when you have encouragement also. My boyfriend encourages me to love myself more and spend that extra time feeling my best and I love him for it. He also is super sexy so I can’t be looking like a Scrub, not all the time anyways lol!

So yea, I am back. Back to writing and blogging and getting the words out of my brain and into the open. This is my healing haven and I am sorry that I have neglected you! I have been so busy!!!! I graduated from college and actually got into graduate school!! I still can’t believe it! I also recently said goodbye to soap making to solely focus on my writing and my up and coming career and plans. Everything is going wonderfully!

I plan to be writing more, in an attempt to crush my writers block before taking on my second book. BTW I published my memoir, which can be found on Amazon Kindle!!

So that’s what’s new. New adventures that I am so excited about. My kids are growing like weeds and I finally found the man of my dreams, well he found me! 😘

Looking forward to being here more! Hope you are to!


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