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A Lot: A Survival Memoir Through Mental Health, Addiction, and Abuse is a terrifyingly real journey through different variations of hell. From managing mental health issues at an early age, to dealing with addictions, as well as abuse that has occurred surrounding these experiences.

A Lot is a personal account of my life experiences which has been mainly tumultuous. I feel like I have experienced some very large and catastrophic events in my life and I wanted to share my story for multiple reasons. I want to educate, I want to inspire, and I want to empower.

Throughout many of these events, I easily could have lost myself and/or my life and it surprises me daily that I am alive, and I am grateful. I want to share my story because I believe it is worth telling and I have worked so hard on this for several years.

Join me in exploring the science and genetics behind addiction, some personal experiences, with an in-depth look at Bipolar Disorder, as well as abuse within families and relationships.

The biggest takeaways from this piece is to realize that change and growth are always possible, nobody’s past defines them, and that understanding mental health and its effects can be life changing. I got judged and hated a lot in my life because I am mentally ill, which makes me different. Different isn’t a bad thing. I think being different is what makes the world what it is, and instead of challenging and judging these differences, there should be more of an emphasis on understanding and help. I hope this book serves to do just that.

This Ebook is 10 Chapters with the Foreword written by my best friend who has lived alongside me (sometimes from a distance) for many of the mentioned experiences.

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