What is love

Love is this feeling
That overwhelms and completes
This feeling that
Could almost make you weep

I have found the one for me
He is such a dream
I can’t describe the happiness
That’s inside of me

It’s like bursting from me
A light, a glow
Happiness and love
Such a beautiful thing

To feel so whole and complete
Some next level feat.
I never thought I’d find this
And I didn’t
Because he found me

He drives me mad
He loves me fiercely
He fights for me and for us
And he truly completes me

The love we have
The passion we share
I now know why
I’ve never found it anywhere

I am honored to have this man
So beyond proud to have finally found
This man that was meant for me

I love you with everything that I am
My heart
And angel
Even at your worst

The most beautiful thing

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