Within A Box

The walls are made of glass
This life we live is fake

Structural mistake
Brought to you by pain
and misfortune along the way

I can’t see past
The view is black
Where do we go from here

The world is dark
Enamored and stark

We can’t stay here

If you live in a box
And the world comes to free you
Don’t you dare hesitate
You need something to save you

All the pain in the world
Couldn’t help us through
We were living in one big lie

Structural mistake
They wanna make you break
They own all of what’s at stake

If you live in a box
Alone at all costs
You’ll be free as a bird
Within the wires of a cage
Free to roam full of rage
Envious and in pain

You’d wish you were here

These walls are made of glass
Within my box I stay
Free as a bird
Within wires of a cage
Seeing clear

I wish you were here


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