Ghost Ship

Depression creeps in
Like an abandoned ship in the night
Over still waters
The forgotten one

I feel alone
Like the ship
Gliding over glass like water
Possibly haunted
Whose to say?

Here we are
Not feeling powerful
As we drift

A crow lands upon the bow of the ship
Blacker than the nights sky
The sound it makes is wretched
Full of doom

Where are we going?
Nobody knows
As we drift

Will we end up safe?
Will we end up alive?
It’s a secret and a mystery
All at once

We float along
Helpless at the mercy of the water
There is nothing
We are no where
We just float along

We come to an island
We are the only ones
Haunted ship and I
There is no life here

All we can do is wait
We search
Just to find ourselves
Over and over again

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