Ghost Ship

Depression creeps inLike an abandoned ship in the nightOver still watersThe forgotten one I feel aloneLike the shipGliding over glass like waterPossibly hauntedWhose to say? Here we areStillFreeAloneNot feeling powerfulAs we drift A crow lands upon the bow of the shipAloneBlacker than the nights skyThe sound it makes is wretchedFull of doom Where are we going?Nobody knowsAs we drift Will we end up safe?Will we end up alive?It’s a secret and a mysteryAll at once We float alongHelpless at the mercy of the waterThere is nothingWe are no whereWe just float along We come to an islandWe are the only … Continue reading Ghost Ship

The Spider

The spider weaves his web so beautifully spun. I often wonder if I could be a spider and spin a web so perfect. The spider uses his new spun home to catch his prey. He delicately but skillfully wraps up his dinner to save for later. A bug. A mere defenseless bug. I wonder if you screamed like I screamed, being all wrapped up. Can you not breathe like I couldn’t breathe, being so wrapped up tight. Lying in web, waiting for my demise. A friend joins me, also stuck in the predatory grasp of the beautifully spun web. Here … Continue reading The Spider


The gunMy catThe gunMy headOver 3 years later The gunMy catThe gunMy head I see my precious boyCuddle him closelyWhile he purrs The gunMy cat You grabbed himAnd put it to his headYou’re sickThat was the end Over 3 years laterThe memories still flood me The gunMy headThe basementThe wallSleeping childrenSilent witnessesScreaming womanLaughing man Aluminum baseball batTapping on my headIn hopes to crush my skullAnd leave me dead The gunMy catThe gunMy brains Could have been all overThat basement floorWhat the fuck exactlyWas that TerrifiedThe most terrifying night of my lifeAs I truly believed that I would die I wonder … Continue reading Flashback

Within A Box

The walls are made of glassThis life we live is fake Structural mistakeBrought to you by painand misfortune along the way I can’t see pastThe view is blackWhere do we go from here The world is darkEnamored and stark We can’t stay here If you live in a boxAnd the world comes to free youDon’t you dare hesitateYou need something to save you All the pain in the worldCouldn’t help us throughWe were living in one big lie Structural mistakeThey wanna make you breakThey own all of what’s at stake If you live in a boxAlone at all costsYou’ll be … Continue reading Within A Box

The Struggle is Real

Why is it so hard to quit something that is so bad for you? I have spent the weekend weening with smoking cigarettes and will officially try to smoke zero cigarettes tomorrow. I don’t understand how something so deadly and so addictive is legal. I have quit so many things; hard drugs, gluten, most meats, but when it comes to cigarettes, I feel so helpless and powerless. Addiction is such a bitch! I know that I am my own worst enemy and need to get out of my own way. I guess I am writing this as a way to … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

What is love

Love is this feelingThat overwhelms and completesThis feeling thatCould almost make you weep I have found the one for meHe is such a dreamI can’t describe the happinessThat’s inside of me It’s like bursting from meA light, a glowHappiness and loveSuch a beautiful thing To feel so whole and completeSome next level feat.I never thought I’d find thisAnd I didn’tBecause he found me He drives me madHe loves me fiercelyHe fights for me and for usAnd he truly completes me The love we haveThe passion we shareI now know whyI’ve never found it anywhere I am honored to have this … Continue reading What is love

Check out my Memoir!

Available on Amazon Kindle! I know you’ll love it! A Lot: A Survival Memoir Through Mental Health, Addiction, and Abuse is a terrifyingly real journey through different variations of hell. From managing mental health issues at an early age, to dealing with addictions, as well as abuse that has occurred surrounding these experiences. A Lot is a personal account of my life experiences which has been mainly tumultuous. I feel like I have experienced some very large and catastrophic events in my life and I wanted to share my story for multiple reasons. I want to educate, I want to … Continue reading Check out my Memoir!

Today I straightened my hair…

This isn’t anything too new, except today I didn’t want to. I was perfectly fine with my messy bun afro puff on top of my head but I felt like crap.. so I decided to spend the 10 minutes straightening my hair. That’s all it took was 10 minutes. That 10 minutes changed my whole mind set and reframed my day. I’m still wearing a hoodie and leggings so I am in now way dressed up but taking that extra 10 minutes changed everything. Now all of a sudden I feel sexy in a hoodie! That’s all it took for … Continue reading Today I straightened my hair…

Like A Warrior

She waited for changeShe stayedShe thought it would get betterBut she was wrong Through turmoil and painThunder and rainShe cried for daysJust wanting to run away She waited for changeShe stayedShe thought it would get betterBut she was wrong There was love at the beginningOr so she believedBut she was wrongShe was fighting a war she would not winAt least not in the way that she thought She held onShe screamedShe fought for her lifeShe prayedShe beggedHelp She waited for changeShe stayedShe thought it would get betterBut she was wrong FinallyA choice that was made through herBut not by herSomething … Continue reading Like A Warrior

Let Go

Its time to let it all go and liveWe must healWe must forgive othersBut more importantlyWe must forgive ourselves Forgive ourselves for the times when we were weakFor the times when we were cruelFor the times when we didn’t know any betterFor the times that were accidentsFor the times that were out of our control Forgiveness is the key to livingAnd many can’t do thisAnd why is that?Self-love is in lack Maybe we believe we don’t deserve loveEspecially if we think that we do not deserve forgivenessBut forgiveness is up to usWe are in charge and we have to know … Continue reading Let Go

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Take a walk through battling my demons with me! This is a poetry Ebook preface to my future book that is in the works. This books aims to touch on the peaks of my pain and healing.**This will be downloaded to your device, you dont need any special app!**This book is available for purchase on my website for $4.99 at in the Digital Files page! Direct Link Trigger Warning: This book contains verbiage regarding suicide, mental health, drug use, trauma, and abuse. Please be mindful while reading this book and remember that help is always available! As always,Thanks … Continue reading EBOOK OUT NOW!