A Hostage Situation.

I am a hostage. I was diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder during a 36 day stay in rehab for drug addiction. That was over 10 years ago in 2009 and I will say that only now am I really learning … Continue reading A Hostage Situation.

Lonliness and poetry

Lonliness here we are againThink I would have learned To nieve and to caringTo trust againAnd yet I just cant help myself Beginning to see clearlyThings will never changeTheres no reason to tryNot if its only on one side This is not what I expectedBut also exactly what I expectedMy heart wasnt even healed from beforeThe pieces again just easily tore Pushed asideNo team in mindSo quickly the script changesOur whole life, we’ll just rearrange itFake it How can I even be madI should have known this would beThe outcomeBut still, im sad Its hard to existAnd to know what … Continue reading Lonliness and poetry