Check out my Memoir!

Available on Amazon Kindle! I know you’ll love it! A Lot: A Survival Memoir Through Mental Health, Addiction, and Abuse is a terrifyingly real journey through different variations of hell. From managing mental health issues at an early age, to dealing with addictions, as well as abuse that has occurred surrounding these experiences. A Lot is a personal account of my life experiences which has been mainly tumultuous. I feel like I have experienced some very large and catastrophic events in my life and I wanted to share my story for multiple reasons. I want to educate, I want to … Continue reading Check out my Memoir!

Go get it. Let it be. Stay centered, regardless!

“Constantly torn between “If it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go and get it.” !!!WOW!!!! FEELS!!!! am I right? But I think I have figured it out in a few ways. Number 1- Awareness. Complete and total awareness. Be totally aware of what your effort and energy is going into and in what way it is manifesting. This is a hard thing to learn because acceptance has to follow after and sometimes we do not want to accept the truth. So my thing is, I will put it out there to the universe whether … Continue reading Go get it. Let it be. Stay centered, regardless!