Ghost Ship

Depression creeps inLike an abandoned ship in the nightOver still watersThe forgotten one I feel aloneLike the shipGliding over glass like waterPossibly hauntedWhose to say? Here we areStillFreeAloneNot feeling powerfulAs we drift A crow lands upon the bow of the shipAloneBlacker than the nights skyThe sound it makes is wretchedFull of doom Where are we going?Nobody knowsAs we drift Will we end up safe?Will we end up alive?It’s a secret and a mysteryAll at once We float alongHelpless at the mercy of the waterThere is nothingWe are no whereWe just float along We come to an islandWe are the only … Continue reading Ghost Ship


The gunMy catThe gunMy headOver 3 years later The gunMy catThe gunMy head I see my precious boyCuddle him closelyWhile he purrs The gunMy cat You grabbed himAnd put it to his headYou’re sickThat was the end Over 3 years laterThe memories still flood me The gunMy headThe basementThe wallSleeping childrenSilent witnessesScreaming womanLaughing man Aluminum baseball batTapping on my headIn hopes to crush my skullAnd leave me dead The gunMy catThe gunMy brains Could have been all overThat basement floorWhat the fuck exactlyWas that TerrifiedThe most terrifying night of my lifeAs I truly believed that I would die I wonder … Continue reading Flashback

What is love

Love is this feelingThat overwhelms and completesThis feeling thatCould almost make you weep I have found the one for meHe is such a dreamI can’t describe the happinessThat’s inside of me It’s like bursting from meA light, a glowHappiness and loveSuch a beautiful thing To feel so whole and completeSome next level feat.I never thought I’d find thisAnd I didn’tBecause he found me He drives me madHe loves me fiercelyHe fights for me and for usAnd he truly completes me The love we haveThe passion we shareI now know whyI’ve never found it anywhere I am honored to have this … Continue reading What is love