There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Fukushima Sea…

I am in this place where I am enjoying being alone but I also am yearning to not be. As a Libra, I am a lover and nurturer and I feel so taken for granted up to this point. I … Continue reading There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Fukushima Sea…

Go get it. Let it be. Stay centered, regardless!

“Constantly torn between “If it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go and get it.” !!!WOW!!!! FEELS!!!! am I right? But I think I have figured it out in a few ways. Number 1- Awareness. Complete and total awareness. Be totally aware of what your effort and energy is going into and in what way it is manifesting. This is a hard thing to learn because acceptance has to follow after and sometimes we do not want to accept the truth. So my thing is, I will put it out there to the universe whether … Continue reading Go get it. Let it be. Stay centered, regardless!

You don’t do it for me anymore.

Today was scary as hell and empowering. We went to court for our PFA. My attorney went into the courtroom and I did not have too. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be walked out past me. In neon yellow and shackles. His eyes burned through my soul. He stopped for a moment, we both locked eyes, I looked away. Shook to the core. Tears to follow.   I survived. He is only worried about selling the home where my kids and I are living, He must need commissary for some Ramen! How selfish. Want to sell the … Continue reading You don’t do it for me anymore.

We will overcome this.

But, how do you begin to overcome this. Long story short, self love. Luckily I am a veteran at surviving things like physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, but not all of us are so lucky. Here I am 9 days after you were removed from this house. In 2 hours exactly. 9 days free. Like a bird and I have only hardly begun to find my wings. I never knew I had this strength.   I loved him. This total narcissist, con-artist, abusive, selfish, asshole, drug addict. But he saved me. But I found out too late about him. This … Continue reading We will overcome this.